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A new era of PD management

Why we built Neptune
Better data leads to better outcomes for those living with Parkinson’s. It’s as simple as that. Today, we rely on snapshots of data obtained during appointments and subjective patient diaries to construct a complex clinical picture. We know there’s more to see. So we built Neptune.


Neptune: the AI-enabled medical device to track Parkinson’s symptoms and treatment response

Neptune is a medical device powered by an advanced machine-learning algorithm developed with neurologists and movement disorder specialists for around-the-clock monitoring of PD. We are enthusiastic about the potential of AI in supporting clinical decisions and also appreciate patient-centricity and physician workflows.

Therefore, we designed Neptune to be used with commercially available smartwatches and clinical grade wrist sensors. We turn passively captured raw motion data into longitudinal symptoms and treatment response insights that are intuitive and easy to interpret.

PD9™ Scale painting a complete picture of each patient’s motor fluctuations and activities

Minute-by-minute motor state insights are classified as ON, OFF, and Dyskinesia. The model is trained using gold standard UPDRS and mAIMS labels to provide severity ratings that are aligned with current clinical evaluation. All insights are combined into one PD9™ scale to provide treatment response visualization. Insights can be compared before and after treatment adjustment with customizable time periods to assess efficacy.

What does Neptune mean for you? Objective and continuous data to construct a more holistic picture of your patients. With Neptune we aim to help HCPs optimize PD care. To request a demo, please contact us today.

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