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Unlocking Unprecedented Insights​

Neptune’s model is trained with mAIMS and MDS-UPDRS based clinically labeled high-resolution data and validated via more than 200 patients in seven clinical studies. Past research has been recognized by international publications including Nature Scientific Reports, NeurIPS, and ECML.

All insights are combined into one PD9™ scale to provide treatment response visualization. Insights can be compared before and after treatment adjustment with customizable time periods to assess efficacy.

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How it Works

Hi, I am Jamie, and I live with Parkinson’s. I’m not alone, more than 10 million people have Parkinson’s, and it’s the world’s fastest growing neurodegenerative disease.

With the right treatment my symptoms can be well controlled, but over time I will need my medications to be regularly adjusted so that they can continue to help me in the best way possible. And what works for me most likely won’t work for another patient, because when it comes to Parkinson’s, we are all different.

Treatment personalization could drastically improve my quality of life, but I only see my doctor briefly once every three to six months. And when I’m at home, my doctor has little insight into my symptoms and treatment response. This snapshot approach makes it hard for my doctor to find the best medications for me.

To solve my problem, Orbit Health has created Neptune. All I need is a smartwatch and an app. Let’s see how this works.

Neptune uses my smartwatch to capture my movements and turns that data into continuous and objective insights about my motor symptoms. These insights are securely transferred and displayed on the Neptune mobile app. Here I can see my treatment response and how much time I’m spending in my best motor state, record my sense of wellbeing and symptom control, and add diary entries. I also receive medication reminders to make sure I take my medicines on time.

My doctor can log in to Neptune’s secure web app to easily access the continuous insights about my symptoms and treatment response. She can then adjust medications to help me get the optimal symptom control. This ensures my medications are tailored to my needs, every step of the way.

Neptune closes the gap between doctor visits. It provides my doctor with the insights she needs to make better treatment decisions for me. And, it empowers me to regain control and live a quality life.

It’s time to change the way we manage Parkinson’s. Because now we can.

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