Enabling treatment personalization for Parkinson's Disease.

Because every patient is different.

A smartwatch-agnostic Al solution to enable personalized treatment

Parkinson’s affects more than 10 million people worldwide and is the fastest growing neurological disease in the world.

Many Parkinson’s patients experience treatment-induced side effects that cause frequent motor fluctuations. Symptom control remains a huge challenge.

This has a huge impact on the patient’s quality of life, making treatment personalization very important. However, it is difficult to personalize treatment when doctors are relying on the snapshots of information they get when they see their patients once every three to six months.

This is where Neptune can make a difference.

Empowering physicians with unprecedented insights

Harnessing the power of sensor and AI technologies, Neptune generates continuous and objective motor symptom insights, enabling doctors to personalize treatments for each patient to attain optimal symptom control.

The data is passively captured without any disturbance to daily lives.

Neptune’s model is trained with mAIMS and MDS-UPDRS based clinically labeled high-resolution data and validated via more than 300 patients in seven clinical studies. Past research has been recognized by international publications including Nature Scientific Reports, NeurIPS, and ECML.

How it works

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Patients wear the watch and download the mobile app

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Doctors can access patients’ symptom insights through the web app

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Doctors can update treatment regime through the web app

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Patients receive medication reminders

Closing the loop between doctor visits.

By integrating Neptune into the clinical practice, doctors can see the patient’s motor symptom state after each medication is taken; enabling them to prescribe the right drug, dosage, and schedule to minimize motor fluctuations.

When Parkinson’s is well-managed, patients can live a better quality life and prevent unnecessary complications that could lead to hospitalizations.

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