Neptune Care: for People with Parkinson’s

Neptune Care is your companion through your Parkinson’s journey.

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Who is Neptune Care for?

Neptune Care is a CE Class I device designed with you at its core. We’ve taken the time to speak with numerous people within the international PD community to develop a tool specifically for you. Neptune Care is for people living with Parkinson’s who are interested in learning more about their disease trends and how their medication, diet, exercise, and other factors affect their symptoms.

Neptune Care App

The future of PD management

Neptune Care is our Parkinson’s app and solution created for self-care and learning between doctor’s appointments. 

Powered by the same advanced technology found in Neptune, our tool for doctors, Neptune Care has extra features designed specifically for people living with Parkinson’s.

With Neptune Care you can:

Automatically track your state of ON, OFF, and dyskinesia 24/7 with a sensor worn on your wrist. View your symptoms and treatment response via our app.

Understand your treatment and see how other activities could affect your symptoms.

Record your medication, meals, exercise, sleep, and wellbeing.

Receive a digital, weekly report to learn about your personal trends and patterns.

Neptune Care maps your medication and activities information onto your own personal 24/7 motor symptom graph to help you see the bigger picture of your health and treatment response.


A: Neptune Care has an advanced AI algorithm that continuously and objectively tracks your motor symptoms. It enables you to visualize throughout the day the level of OFF, ON, and Dyskinetic states you experience. You will be provided with a wrist sensor. Data is passively captured without the interference of your daily activities. Neptune overlays treatment regiment and activities you log on your motor graph. This allows you to explore possible patterns in your health and potentially support self-management of PD.

Neptune Care’s AI algorithm is trained with MDS-UPDRS and mAIMs clinical labels and is a result of years of research conducted with LMU, Schön Klinik, and other global institutions. Initial findings show its ability to provide reliable motor state insights.

A: The solution is suitable for people diagnosed with idiopathic Parkinson’s.

A: To benefit from the Early Access Program, you will be asked to consent to Orbit storing, processing, and having access to the following data:

  1. Name, phone number, and email address are collected and stored to create your account so you can use the Neptune Care mobile app.
  2. Raw motion data (namely accelerometer and gyroscope data) are collected and processed to offer you your motor state insights.
  3. Motor state data and activity logs are collected and processed to provide you with weekly reports and insights. Anonymized motor state and activities data may also be used for advancing treatments, care, as well as healthcare professional educational initiatives.
  4. Anonymized app usage data and your answers to our regular questionnaire are captured and processed to help continuously improve the app’s features and encourage engagement.

A: All data collected is stored in Germany.

A: Yes, Neptune Care is GDPR compliant. We take data privacy and confidentiality seriously and will not collect, store, process, or share your data without your consent. To help continuously improve Neptune Care, associated products, and advance treatments to deliver better care for PwP, we may share your anonymized data with partners, affiliates, and healthcare providers with your consent. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy here.

A: Participants will receive a monthly questionnaire via email or the app and engage in a short telephone conversation with an Orbit representative.

Neptune Care

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