Touchstones for Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease: Inspirations and Learnings from this Year’s World Parkinson’s Congress

I attended the 6th World Parkinson’s Congress in Barcelona in early July 2023 and found it inspiring and uplifting. It was attended by health professionals of all disciplines, researchers, charities, exhibitors, and of course, people-with-Parkinson’s. I attended sessions ranging from biological subtypes of PD, apathy and fatigue and other under-recognised non-motor symptoms, the benefits of […]

Exercise and Parkinson’s: My Personal Experience

I’ve been a keen sportsman all my life and, being tuned into how my body moves, it was slight and subtle changes in my coordination and dexterity that first alerted me to something being wrong. I was subsequently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age 59, four years ago. I’ve played squash from an early age, […]

How one doctor’s experience inspired a new tool for Parkinson’s disease

How can new technology help people with Parkinson’s manage symptoms between doctor’s appointments? This question prompted the development of Orbit Health’s Neptune and Neptune Care apps – we talk to the creators to learn more   “One major gap in Parkinson’s clinical care today is that, as a doctor, you often rely on a small […]

Enabling personalized care for chronic conditions