Different training methods: Physical wellbeing of People with Parkinson’s

Exercise is an integral part of healthy living. For people with Parkinson’s (PD), regular physical activity is particularly important as it can play a vital role in managing a range of symptoms, including gait disorders, rigidity, impaired balance, and more.   Physical benefits of exercising with PD The concept of exercise therapy for PD isn’t […]

How one doctor’s experience inspired a new tool for Parkinson’s disease

How can new technology help people with Parkinson’s manage symptoms between doctor’s appointments? This question prompted the development of Orbit Health’s Neptune and Neptune Care apps – we talk to the creators to learn more   “One major gap in Parkinson’s clinical care today is that, as a doctor, you often rely on a small […]

Exercise and mental health in Parkinson’s disease: What the research says

Mental Health and PD

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is most commonly associated with physical symptoms, such as tremors, rigidity and impaired posture. However, the impact of PD often goes far beyond physical impairment. The neurodegenerative disorder can also cause or increase the risk of a variety of non-motor symptoms, including depression, anxiety, impaired cognitive function and more. While mental health […]

How Neptune Works

https://orbit.health/wp-content/uploads/Orbit-Health-Neptune.mp4 We are excited to launch our Neptune animation video to explain the AI-enabled solution we are developing to help improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s. Many people may not know that Parkinson’s affects each individual differently and throughout the progression of the disease, regular medication adjustments will be needed in order to […]

Enabling personalized care for chronic conditions