A digital health platform for breakthrough chronic care innovation.


Early intervention and
personalized care.

A third of the world’s adult population has multiple chronic diseases and patients will likely require more than one digital solution

Most chronic diseases require constant management, yet doctor visits are not frequent enough. Moreover, doctors today rely mainly on a snapshot of information to manage chronic conditions.

Advancements in sensor and AI technologies mean we can now objectively and continuously monitor chronic patients’ wellbeing, symptoms and treatment response. These digital health solutions are providing doctors with unprecedented insights to effectively carry out early and ongoing intervention.

From reactive to proactive care, from siloed solutions to multi-modal insights

The current digital health landscape is highly fragmented and with multiple chronic diseases, patients will likely require more than one digital solution. The disparate landscape is challenging to navigate for both physicians and patients alike, limiting the full adoption of potentially life-saving innovative solutions.

We want to make it easier for patients and healthcare professionals to utilize and ultimately benefit from innovative digital health solutions. This is why we developed Orbit Lab. It is a patient-centric platform that streamlines the clinical adoption of multiple digital health tools to provide multi-modal insights.

With Orbit Lab, multiple digital health solutions can be orchestrated and applied to a single patient. Orbit brings these solutions from a siloed environment and integrates them into the routine clinical workflows to achieve holistic patient care and real impact.

Our goal is to shift chronic disease care from a reactive to a proactive approach by creating an ecosystem where new digital health tools can be easily adopted. We are committed to enabling physicians and healthcare professionals to participate in the patient journey early and to empowering patients to take ownership of their own health.

How it works

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Access novel solutions

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Prescribe single or multiple solutions

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On-demand access to patient insights through patient-centric dashboards

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Early intervention with personalized care

Connecting the dots so patients can stay in focus.

Ultimately our goal is simple, to improve the quality of life for people living chronic diseases and to lighten the burden on healthcare systems.

One patient. Multiple solutions. Once report.

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Enabling personalized care for chronic conditions